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Curran Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air has been installing, servicing and repairing heat pump hot water systems in Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Nowra, Shoalhaven and Sutherland for more than 30 years.

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Heat pumps hot water systems are efficient and economical to run

Many Australian households still rely on gas or electric hot water heating, but heat pump hot water systems can provide a cheaper, highly efficient and more eco-friendly alternative to getting hot water in your home.

Heat pump hot water systems use similar technology to your fridge or air conditioner but in reverse, transferring heat from outside and using it to heat the water in the tank.

Hot water heat pumps extract heat from the air, rather than using electricity to generate heat. For this reason, heat pumps can be up to three times more energy-efficient than a conventional electric hot water heater.

A heat pump hot water system is suitable for the coastal climates of Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Nowra, Shoalhaven and Sutherland. Even in the coldest months, there is enough heat in the air to power a heat pump hot water system.

Enjoy long-term energy savings with a heat pump hot water system. Plus, you could save on installation by taking advantage of government rebates.

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Our expert plumbers are fully trained in installing new hot water Heat Pumps.

Heating water is the second highest contributor to energy use in an average household. Making the right choice for your hot water system is incredibly important for this reason.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right hot water solution to suit the needs of your household. We can take you through available heat pump models, recommend an appropriate tank size and find the right location for the pump itself.

We can also provide repairs to an existing hot water heat pump and keep it running efficiently through regular servicing. We can clean filters, remove limescale build-up, drain and flush the tank, restore damaged piping and replace faulty valves.

Your hot water heat pump can last 10-15 years if looked after properly. Avoid snowballing of repair costs – get in touch as soon as you notice any issues. 

With government rebates making heat pump hot water systems more affordable, our service team will also assist with the required paperwork for taking advantage of these cost savings.

Hot water heat pumps

Our highly skilled plumbers can install your brand new heat pump or replace an existing heat pump in one day. After installing a new heat pump, enjoy savings on your energy bills for years into the future. Even replacing an old, inefficient hot water heat pump can improve energy consumption. Modern hot water heat pump technology has improved greatly and current heat pumps are cheaper to run than gas or electric systems.

You can also feel better about your carbon footprint, as a hot water heat pump uses less electricity than an electric water heater and produces less carbon emissions. To further limit your environmental impact, you can pair your heat pump hot water system with a solar electricity source and run a completely green hot water system.

You won’t sacrifice on functionality with a hot water heat pump either. They can heat your water the same way an electric or gas system would, just with a more efficient use of energy.

Is your existing heat pump not running as it used to? We recommend that you get your heat pump serviced by a qualified plumber once a year. For our Service Partner Plan members, we offer a free annual hot water system tune up/flush as part of your membership.

Regular servicing will ensure that your system continues running safely and smoothly, extending the longevity of the heat pump’s lifetime. Regular maintenance will save you money in the long-term by catching any issues early and reducing your risk of having to pay for a brand new heat pump.

If your hot water heat pump isn’t turning on, is not heating your water properly or/at all, or is making strange noises, it’s time to book in a visit from an experienced plumber.

Our team will arrive fully equipped to diagnose any issues to your hot water heat pump, outline all suitable solutions and perform any repairs on the spot.

Use a Qualified Enviroplumber

The team at Curran are formally qualified enviroplumbers. Using an enviroplumber is your way of ensuring that the Plumbing Contractor is trained and accredited to advise on and install appliances and systems which meet strict sustainable practices.

Helpful advice from the Curran team can provide you with the practicalities of heat pump hot water installation and expert recommendations, along with Sydney Water and Council requirements for complete water efficiency.

Enviroplumbers have specific training in heat pump hot water systems, solar hot water, rainwater tanks, recycle systems, grey water systems and aerated wastewater treatment systems. These skills make our plumbers the perfect match when you are considering installing a heat pump for your household’s hot water purposes.

Curran is an innovative, professional and award-winning plumbing, electrical, heating & air company that operates in Wollongong, Shoalhaven, Sydney, and the Illawarra and Sutherland Shire regions.

Do you want more information on how you can incorporate a heat pump hot water system in your home? Get in touch with the team at Curran today to discover why they are the number one choice for residential, commercial and industrial plumbing services.

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Our guarantee is we are committed to exact pricing, we will offer our customers a choice in solutions, we will always ensure your house is left clean and we provide experts you can trust. Curran services the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Sutherland Shire region and surrounding areas.

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To help you make a well informed decision, we provide the full price for any work in advance.

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