Like most modern conveniences, underground plumbing remains largely unnoticed in our day-to-day lives until something goes wrong. When drainage is slow, damaged or non-existent, we understandably seek to have the issue rectified as soon as possible and with minimal cost and disruption.

Traditionally, the replacement of underground sewer lines meant a costly, time consuming and destructive process involving digging up entire front yards. Trenchless sewer repair, a relatively new technology in plumbing, solves the problem of previously invasive and inconvenient pipe replacement. The trenchless pipelining method ultimately places a new permanent within the old and damaged existing pipe.


How does it work?

1. Once the need for a pipe replacement has been determined, a temporary inflatable bladder is inserted into the old pipe along with epoxy relining material

2. The bladder is then inflated inside the old pipe and the epoxy forms a new seamless and durable pipe against the walls of the old pipe

3. The temporary bladder is removed, connections are enabled and flow is restored

The benefits of trenchless pipelining are clear to anyone who has endured the inconvenience of an uprooted backyard, front yard or garden through open trench digging. Go trenchless to ensure:

• Cost effectiveness. No need for intrusive digging and re-landscaping reduces costs significantly.
• Time saving. Again, the need to digging is removed, resulting in a quicker solution to your drainage problem.
• Durability. Your new epoxy relining material is hardy and provides a double barrier for invasive tree roots and other common causes of pipe damage.
• Convenience. Existing pipes can remain in place, regardless of damage. Removal is unnecessary as the epoxy relining material provides seamless protection.

For more information on how Curran Plumbing can provide expert trenchless sewer repair solutions for you, contact us now.

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