Considering it is the hub of the home, the gathering place where families come to feast and flock, the kitchen can often be dismissed when it comes to makeovers and updates. We have put together some trends worth investigating for the simple fact that they will help to create an inviting space that every member of your family will want to congregate in.

  1. Open shelving

comfortable kitchen, interior of a nice loft

An inexpensive way to update your kitchen space. This is particularly effective if you have a penchant for collecting beautiful or unique tableware. Displaying your curation creates an ideal talking point when hosting dinner parties and ensures ease of access to regularly used items.

  1. Herringbone floors

3D Rendering of Office area with a modern chair and desk alongsi

Trends in flooring come and go, but floorboards remain timeless. Go one step further and opt for a herringbone design. Visually stunning and hardwearing.

  1. Feature artwork


Why should art be confined to hallways and living areas? Hang your favourite piece in the place where it’ll receive the most viewing pleasure.

  1. Indoor plants

Kitchen utensils

Probably the cheapest and most impactful way to give your kitchen a new lease on life. Do your research here; you’ll want something suited to your particular indoor space. Consider herbs-some varieties are beautiful as well as purposeful!

  1. Brass fixtures and hardware

Kitchen Sink

For a touch of luxury and warmth, add brass. Be as liberal as you like with a sprinkling on cupboard handles or commit to the theme and splash out on brass tiles, sink and fixtures.

  1. Vintage bar carts

Wine Shop In Uzes France

Add a touch of glamour by displaying your liquor collection on a vintage bar cart. A smart investment for those of us with kitchens on the small side.

  1. Quirky cutlery

Cutlery - Vintage Fork, Spoon And Knife On Wood Background

Make mealtimes fun with a unique cutlery set. Perfect for families with fussy little eaters, the addition of quirky cutlery could make all the difference.

  1. Black accents

Modern Open Space Luxury Kitchen

This is a trend you can easily customise according to your budget. Why not try out a black kettle or toaster before committing to more bold updates like a feature wall or benchtop?

  1. Exposed brick

Exposed brick adds character and a historical twist to the modern kitchen. An ideal consideration if you’re looking to add an industrial feel to your space.

  1. Decorative lighting

Whilst good lighting is important in the kitchen, functionality doesn’t need to give way to fun. Install lights that will open up your space and wow your dinner guests.

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