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Lighting repairs and installations

Our lighting services can fit out your home or commercial premises with professionally installed lights that meet your technical and creative needs. Good lighting is essential to make your living and work spaces as productive as possible. Curran’s professional electricians will ensure minimum safety standards are met and can contribute technical expertise to creating a lighting plan, including configuring and installing lighting.

Our electricians can plan your lighting and add dimmers, remotes and other devices for modern lighting.

Your Local Lighting Experts

Our trained electricians can also check lights meet Australian Electrical Standards and keep them in good condition. Some faculty lighting goods cannot be returned without proof of installation by a qualified electrician.

Phone us at Curran Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air straight away if you notice some common lighting issues such as:

  • Intermittent, flickering lights
  • Light bulbs blown frequently
  • Sparks, flames or scorch marks around light fittings
  • One light bulb needing constant replacement
  • Lighting is too dull
  • Lights flickering after heavy rain or storms
  • Frequent blackouts affecting lighting
  • Frayed connecting wires or damaged lights
  • Older lighting system that does not meet modern safety standards
  • Sensors malfunctioning.

You should never try to handle these problems yourself. In NSW only qualified electricians can legally work on electrical problems.

Curran will send a professional electrician to your home to diagnose the source of the problem and provide a solution. All of our electricians are licensed and trained in providing the most up to date solutions for lighting.

Great Lighting
Made Easy!

Great lighting will dramatically enhance the look and functionality of indoor and outdoor areas. Lighting can easily make rooms look larger and more modern, and is an easy way to improve property value. Lighting and motion sensors installed by our professionals can make outdoor areas like balconies and patios safer to use, more attractive, secure and usable day and night.

Modernise your home with the latest in lighting technology. Our professional electricians can help you choose from a wide range of options including downlights, pendants, dimming controls and bathroom heat lights. We can procure new lighting and install it, or just install lighting equipment you provide.

Our trained electricians can also assist your household by explaining how to spot the early signs of lighting issues and the best way to maintain lighting to prevent future problems.

Contact Curran Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air for all of your lighting needs.

Our qualified electricians have the right equipment to

Change light bulbs – especially those in hard to reach spots

Recommend, supply and install new systems – for LED, CFL or halogen lights

Repair indoor and outdoor lights

Investigate the source of lighting problems including damaged wires and loose connections

Repair sensors and remotes

Install safety devices

Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air

Wollongong, Shoalhaven, Illawarra and Sutherland Shire

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