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Electrical surges happen without warning and may occur frequently without you being aware. Surges have the potential to ruin appliances and result in electric shocks and fires that devastate your home.

Contact Curran Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air today to ensure your home or commercial premises have protection against electrical surges.

Our qualified electrician has the right equipment to:

Install a surge protector on the switchboard of your home or commercial premises

Install a surge protector on the inner wiring of your home or commercial premises

Rewire fittings if damage has occurred

Carry our regular inspections

Your Local Surge Protection Experts

An average family home can contain thousands of dollars worth of electrical appliances. Taking action today to install surge protection could save you a great deal of money and inconvenience if you experience a severe power surge. Surge protection can intercept the current in an electricity spike before it causes problems. 

Phone Curran straight away if you have concerns about power surges, including:

  • When your premises have been hit by an electrical storm
  • There have been fallen power lines or electricity grid problems in your area
  • Large appliances have disrupted the steady flow of voltage
  • There may be faulty wiring
  • Your home or commercial premises have older surge protection devices that need an upgrade.

You should never try to handle these problems yourself. In NSW only qualified electricians can legally work on electrical problems.

Curran will send a professional electrician to your home to diagnose the source of the problem and provide a solution. Our staff are licensed and trained in providing the most up to date protection for electrical power surges.

Get Surge Protection Today

Our expert technicians can help with your surge protection plan. Extra devices can help absorb the electricity flow to appliances in the event of smaller power surges, such as:

  • Adding power point and outlet surge protectors for coverage against smaller surges.
  • Adding uninterrupted power supply devices for keeping electronics like computers running during a power outage or surge.

If your home or commercial premises are in a surge-prone area, it is important to maximise your surge protection now.

Our trained electricians can also help by explaining how to spot the early signs of electrical surges and the best way to protect your electrical appliances and maintain your home to prevent future problems.

Contact Curran Plumbing. Electrical, Heating & Air today!

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